Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Welcome to Heartbreak - Kanye West

Wow, this video off the chain!
While I'm not the biggest fan of this song, this video is something I have been dreaming about.

As long as it's not right before a game winning goal in a soccer game, I love seeing digital static. Whenever I have the chance I take screens caps of it but I haven't figured out a way to use the effect yet.

Then I saw this video...
wow, that's all I can say, they fucking nailed it.

KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Artist: KANYE WEST feat. Kid Cudi
Song: Welcome to Heartbreak
Director: NABIL
Editor: Ryan Bartley
Post: Ghost Town Media
Producer: Kathleen Heffernan
Label: Island Def Jam
Production Co: Partizan

Here are a few static shots I found on flickr. I can't seem to find the one's I have taken...

Oh yeah! ha, I remember.
I found one of the ones I have taken, this was actually a picture taken on an iPhone though, not video. The funny thing is that the photo, by sheer coincidence, was the 420th photo and was of me and my girlfriend smoking a joint. Not only that, but it seemed to crop in on my stoned eyes, the joint, and my lips blowing smoke out perfectly, while leaving other parts indecipherable.

Crazy Right?

The photos taken before this one and after turned out fine and I don't think there is a photo scramble function on the iPhone, although it may a good idea after seeing these results. Much like the pixelated scrambles from digital reception, I find the image rather pleasing.

But, I got a little curious, so after a little photoshop puzzling we can know see what the picture was supposed to have looked like.

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Jen said...

Oooo, that's pretty cool what your phone did to the picture! Maybe it got a contact high? Or it's taking night classes for creative ways to photograph things?