Friday, December 19, 2008

Design Firm Friday - 2 - Sandstrom Partners vs. ID Branding

It's a showdown in the little town of Portland, Oregon. While San Francisco and New York get the most design press in the US, Portland's has been making a big splash for small fish. Wow, sorry for the rhymes, ha!

ID Branding
The first firm I want to highlight, ID Branding, has been around since 1979 yet I just recently found their award winning work plastered all over the internet and in design mags.

Sandstrom Partners
The other firm I want to showcase is the packaging powerhouse, Sandstrom Partners, they could be considered to be the king of Portland with amazing branding projects for Tazo, Converse Miller and more, but I haven't seen as much from them lately. Except for their cool monthly color scheme and this, St. Germain Packaging, wow, it's stunning! This may not actually be new but I am just now noticing it at least.

Of course you can't forget about Wieden and Kennedy, but because their website is so rad, I will just let you check out their work for yourself

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