Thursday, October 9, 2008

Let's be Friends

Networking is one the most important parts to any job. This is especially true in field of art and design. I have heard professionals say that you should spend almost 50% of your time creating contacts and finding new leads. One great way to increase your professional network is to get a main online portfolio, and then set up links that re-direct back to your site. This will increase traffic and exposure, as well as give you a high ranking on Google and the other major search engines.

If you don't have a domain or you would like to increase traffic to your current site then set up accounts at the following online communities. All of these services are free and just take a little time to set up. Remember, it's okay to be a whore, especially when trying to increase your presence on the internet. Although face to face contacts and personal referrals is the best it's always good to retain internet real estate.
Join these sites then find me and add me as a friend.

coroflot is the biggest creative network with over 100,000 portfolios. coroflot also has a huge job board that covers the whole creative spectrum.

TheCooler on coroflot

DeviantArt is the largest art community in the world, where you can sell and share your artwork as well as find other artists.

JaimeGuadagni on DeviantArt

With over 25 million members registered, LinkedIn is probably the largest professional networking site on the internet.

Jaime Guadagni on LinkedIn

Behance Network
Behance Network is a networking site for creative professionals that allows you to upload images of your work into a dynamic portfolio.

TheCooler on the Behance Network

VIRB is a social community where you upload anything you make; photos, blogs, music, art, fashion, film, etc. into a customizable web platform.

The Cooler on VIRB

Graphic Design Community
A Graphic Design Community is a social networking community for professional graphic designers, web designers, and students.

The_Cooler on the Graphic Design Community

Computerlove™ is a social platform for creative talents across the globe allowing you to create a portolio and browse others.

TheCooler on cplu

design:related is a community site and inspiration tool that brings together people from different disciplines of the design world. design:related as has an international job board.

TheCooler on design:related

Uber is a creative community that allows you to set up galleries, blogs, full websites, and contacts with a simple and clean interface.

TheCooler on Uber

facebook and MySpace are not the best for creative networking but you might as well join them since it won't hurt.

Jaime Guadagni on facebook

Once you have set up your online portfolio, submit your links to these sites in order to receive even more web traffic. (powered by coroflot)

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