Monday, September 8, 2008

Papa's Soul Food Menu

This menu is rad! It is far from the mundane food list you find at every other restaurant, and best of all, the design fits the style and concept of the restaurant (I know, it doesn't seem that hard but I am amazed at some of the horrible menu designs around). Even though I usually know what I want I still spend a good fifteen minutes staring at their menu, it's great, I especially like the diagram of the chicken sandwich. Every time I go back to my hometown of Eugene I make it a point to go down to 5th and Blair and get the best pulled pork sandwich in Oregon; or if I am feeling like something spicy, the amazing jerked chicken. The menu was designed by Tony Figoli.

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Anonymous said...

This was super helpful seeing as you must have a Facebook account to access their menu now. Wasn't able to find it until I came across your posting. Much thanks!!