Friday, September 19, 2008

A Huge Collection of Type

I love typography, so I decided to create a post of all the people I look up to in the field. I personally love hand drawn letters but I also feel that it is not what font you use it is how you use it. Helvetica and even Comic Sans are beautiful faces when used right, but they can also be a default for the unimaginative. So, here it is, a list of inspirational and experimental typographers and their work from around the world. From logotypes to fonts to hand lettering to calligraphy to graffiti, this post has it all.

Aaron Horkey

Adam Machácek & Sébastien Bohner /

Alex Purdy / Graphdrome

Alex Trochut

Andrea Tinnes

Andrew / Grey Sheep Duo

Andy Miller

Björn Johansson

Bob Partington

Bobby Breidholt

Colleen Corcoran

Craig Shields

Daniel Gordon


Drew Millward

Fanette Mellier

Florian Schmucker

Francesco Muzzi


Herb Lubalin

Jason Munn / The Small Stakes

Jeff Kleinsmith & Jesse LeDoux / Patent Pending

Jesse Hora

Jessica Hische

Job Wouters

John Solimine / Spike Press

John Stevens

Jonathan Keller

Keetra Dean Dixon

Kjell Ekhorn & Jon Forss / Non-Format

Louis Madarasz

M&M Paris

MacGregor Harp

Marcelo Daldoce

Marian Bantjes

Marina Chaccur

Mario Salangsang & Owen Hoskins / Made In The Tree House

Mario Hugo

Markus Schäfer

Mats Ottdal

Mike Wohlberg

Nik Ainley

Noodle Horse

Pablo Alfieri

Paula Scher

Philippe Apeloig

Ray Fenwick



Rodrigo Braga


Seth Ferris / Typenerd

Si Scott

Stefan Sagmeister / Sagmeister Inc.

Theo Aartsma

Till Wiedeck / HelloMe


Tolleson Design

Tony Ariawan

W.E. Dennis

Yehrin Tong


Peter T. said...

damn! this is the biggest collection of typography on the web. nice post

Anonymous said...

You forgot about Deanne Cheuk

Jaime Guadagni said...

Thanks Peter, I wasn't trying but your right I think it's close.

And thank you anon, a great inspiration I had neglected to include in the first edition, which is why I am starting to collect names and images of people I missed. Please let me know if there is someone you think is well deserving of inclusion into my next, 450 image, mega post of typographic inspiration.